In the US, over 2.9 million tons of electronics are disposed of each year with only 20% ending up being recycled according to the EPA. Unfortunately, the rest usually ends up in landfills. Combine that with the fact that the demand for new electronic devices is rapidly increasing—more than 300 million computers and 2 billion smartphones were manufactured in 2014 but the rare and precious metals necessary to manufacture these devices is in limited supply. And, managing e-scrap responsibly has many benefits for the environment, worker safety, the economy and the bottom line.

At Security First Recycling, everything is recycled.... we disassemble and separate materials specifically for e-waste recycling and those specifically for proper disposal. Hazardous materials are separated and sent to licensed facilities which properly handle that type of waste. Security First Recycling offers safe secure electronic recycling and computer recycling to Tampa Bay businesses and residents.


  • Fax Machine Recycling
  • Network Server Recycling
  • Network Switch Recycling
  • Battery Backup Recycling
  • Cable & Connector Recycling
  • Electronic Recycling
  • Hard Drive Recycling
  • Projector Recycling
  • Netbook Recycling
  • TiVo Recycling
  • Laptop Recycling
  • DVD/BlueRay Recycling
  • Circuit Board Recycling
  • Charger Recycling
  • Mobile Device Recycling
  • Recorder Recycling
  • Shredder Recycling
  • IT Asset Disposition
  • Cell Phone Recycling
  • Tablet Recycling
  • Medical Equipment Recycling
  • Communication Recycling
  • Computer Recycling
  • PA Equipment Recycling
  • PBX System Recycling
  • Speaker Recycling
  • Router Recycling
  • Power Unit Recycling
  • LCD & CRT Monitor Recycling
  • LED, LCD, Plasma & CRT Television Recycling
  • Switch Array Recycling
  • Radio Recycling
  • Stereo Recycling


residential electronic recycling
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